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Sudhir is a marketing and human resources professional with over 12 years of industry experience. He has handled leadership roles for some of the most visible organizations and brands including The Times of India and Infosys Technologies Ltd. During this he has handled multiple challenging assignments in both fast growth environments as well as during a downturn. These have involved bringing in innovation and driving change management for significant business benefits.

He has led high volume Campus Hiring and managed Premier Engineering School Hiring/On-Boarding for Indian Talent Landscape. He has also managed attracting, recruiting talent in China. Sudhir has been actively involved in partnering with academia and select groups to enhance capability of the talent pipeline.

In his earlier stint with the Times Group, he spent close to 6 years and played a pivotal role in enhancing brand visibility of the Times Group brands like The Times of India, The Economic Times, Femina and Filmfare. He led the institutional sales, events and promotions efforts for the Times Group across the northern cities of India.

Sudhir has been invited as a distinguished speaker by several management and engineering institutions, ICTACT, to talk on the subject of Talent Landscape, hiring methodologies, associated challenges and best practices adopted by different organizations.

Talent Engagement/ Branding/ Talent Acquisition/ Channel Management/ Key Account Management/ Campus Relations/ Talent Strategy.

About him

Sudhir a Piscean , possesses great compassion for others and has the ability to relieve people from their sufferings by helping them practically. He is extremely fond of poetry, music and worldly pleasures. People get attracted by him very easily. One amazing trait that he has and is rarely found in people, he has little or no resistance even to those whom he knows are bad and have a harmful influence. He is very loyal to his friends, provided he is given the kind of respect that he wants. You take one step, you'll find Sudhir taking ten. His nature to do things with responsibility, dedication and commitment impresses the people around them. He has many laurels in his professional life. His boss appreciates him, his colleagues like him and his team admires him. He enjoys driving his four wheeler. He loves to travel and would like to see nature in its true form. If circumstances do not permit him to travel so extensively, he will make it a point to read or live as close to nature as he can. Teaching comes naturally to him. He taught in his yesteryears. His passion casted a magic spell on his students , as a result they still look up to him as a mentor . Since he is in talent acquisition so his fan following from colleges is beyond any body's comprehension. He is an amazing person . His forte is his innocent charm that radiates . Once you meet him you will want to remain in touch forever. His connect is with all age groups.
A responsible son to his parents, a proud brother to his elder brother a mentor to his younger sister and a loving husband.
An ace friend to his friends.
Positive Traits: Sensitivity, self-sacrificing, compassionate, imaginative, a real dreamer, confidence, excellent oratory and writing skills , too good an advisor.
Likes: Solitude to dream in, mystery in all its guises, music, fun, networking
If looks could kill , we would all be DEAD....- an admirer


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